Quadrennial update… :-P

…well, not exactly four years, more like three and a half. Anyway…

A lot of things have changed around here since the last time I updated this blog. In no particular order:

  • No more Ubuntu packages. I lost interest because I don’t use it anymore, nor do I install it on family/friends’ computers. The PPA and old repository are still out there though, in case some people still use them (after all these years I don’t think so, but…).
  • On the other hand, I didn’t stop using Debian (yet ?) and I’ve been very active about it these last months. I created a new repository, and I finally stepped up to officially maintain a couple of packages. Also, I try to report bugs more often. I think this is important, since Debian is upstream to a lot of distributions now, so fixing bugs in it is beneficial to a lot of people throughout various communities.
  • On this new repository, you can find some packages I created for my own usage, like my firewall script; some meta-packages to easily install stuff; some backports that didn’t make it (yet) to the official archives, like the latest fprint for wheezy (because the old one doesn’t support the ThinkPad X200’s fingerprint reader) or plank for wheezy and jessie (because the official packages are still in experimental); and a couple of other things. I’ll try to update my blog more often when I release new packages on this repository.
  • New theme and slightly modified layout for the blog.

That’s all !

Munin plugin for Xen

I recently wrote a little Munin plugin to monitor Xen domains activity.

This plugin draws four different graphs, representing the sum of CPU usage, memory usage, disk IOs and network traffic for your Xen domains.

In each graph, all Xen domains (including dom0) have their data stacked, giving
an overall amount of ressources used.

There were already various plugins for Xen on Munin Exchange but each one of them gives only one type of information, usually extracted from xentop. Thanks to Munin’s new multigraph option, this plugin can draw all four graphs from a single xentop call. In addition to giving all the different informations in a kind of standardized way with each domain keeping its own color along the graphs, it significantly reduces overhead on the monitored node.

Due to its dependency on the multigraph option, this plugin needs Munin 1.4 or higher.

Thanks to Michael Renner for the “diskstats” plugin which I borrowed some code from.

EDIT: the plugin has now been approved and is listed on Munin Exchange.

Script: udev helper for dock driver

I wrote a little shell script as a udev helper for the kernel’s dock driver, which now (as of 2.6.28) handles bays and docking stations.

It’s a workaround for Launchpad bugs #189185, #242638, #369131 and #292144.

Source archive and Ubuntu package available here (or you can use my PPA).

Feisty Fawn : paquets ffmpeg et mplayer

On prend les mêmes, et on recommence, mais pour la Feisty cette fois ! Voici donc les paquets de ffmpeg et mplayer de Christian Marillat recompilés pour les courageux qui testent la Feisty avant l’heure.

ffmpeg : CVS 29/03/2007
mplayer : 1.0 RC1, SVN 25/02/2007

Il y a moins de dépendances que pour les paquets Edgy (faad2 et vstream-client).

Instructions complètes sur cette page.

Pour les pressés :

# wget http://captainblood.free.fr/bld.asc -O – | sudo apt-key add –
deb http://captainblood.free.fr/ubuntu feisty main restricted universe multiverse

Mise en ligne de mon dépôt Debian/Ubuntu

Ce week-end j’ai mis en ligne mon dépôt Debian/Ubuntu, avec tout un tas de paquets sympathiques.

Pour la partie Debian, il n’y a pour l’instant pas grand-chose. Il y aura principalement des backports d’unstable ou de testing vers stable, selon mes besoins.

Pour la partie Ubuntu, outre mes packages personnels, c’est un peu plus fourni :

Feisty : uniquement une recompilation de faad2 permettant d’installer les versions Sid des packages ffmpeg et mplayer de Christian Marillat (oui je sais, ce n’est pas très propre, et il faut même forcer la version de mplayer dans /etc/apt/preferences… Mais c’est temporaire, la Feisty ne sortant que dans deux mois, je préfère attendre qu’elle bouge un peu moins pour effectuer une recompilation complète).

Edgy : recompilation complète pour Ubuntu de certains paquets de Christian Marillat (ffmpeg cvs 21/02/2007, mplayer svn 22/02/2007, xdtv 2.3.3 et leurs dépendances), et des sources de googleearth-package 0.0.5 (Sid).

Dapper : rien pour l’instant. Peut-être à l’avenir… Ça dépendra de la demande.

Instructions sur cette page.