Munin plugin for Xen

I recently wrote a little Munin plugin to monitor Xen domains activity.

This plugin draws four different graphs, representing the sum of CPU usage, memory usage, disk IOs and network traffic for your Xen domains.

In each graph, all Xen domains (including dom0) have their data stacked, giving
an overall amount of ressources used.

There were already various plugins for Xen on Munin Exchange but each one of them gives only one type of information, usually extracted from xentop. Thanks to Munin’s new multigraph option, this plugin can draw all four graphs from a single xentop call. In addition to giving all the different informations in a kind of standardized way with each domain keeping its own color along the graphs, it significantly reduces overhead on the monitored node.

Due to its dependency on the multigraph option, this plugin needs Munin 1.4 or higher.

Thanks to Michael Renner for the “diskstats” plugin which I borrowed some code from.

EDIT: the plugin has now been approved and is listed on Munin Exchange.